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We are a consultancy and project management company that promotes and facilitates international collaboration in sustainable development. We serve not only in individual sectors such as water, soil, food safety, and pollution control, but also in helping provide integrative solutions through smart management systems.

We help countries and regions (e.g. China) that are seriously affected by environmental, social, cultural and management crises as a result of rapid industrialisation and urbanisation identify suitable mature and cutting-edge technologies, products, services and management expertise in developed countries to provide solutions to the crises. In the meaning time, we also assist research institutions, technology companies, and industrial corporations with finding and exploring market-oriented research areas, joint research and development partnership, knowledge and technology transfer, manufacturing and funding opportunities, and markets across the globe, especially in China where we have worked intensively.

Having worked closely with research institutions, think tanks, businesses, industrial sectors, investors, government agencies, and NGOs in Asia, North America, UK, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa in the last twenty years, we have built strategic and strong local and global links and networks in diverse fields. We also have a team of leading experts from different fields that advises and supports our work. The links, networks and professional support, together with our many years of international project management experience, strong cross-cultural communication and PR skills, long-standing cross-disciplinary engagement, proven market research ability, strategic thinking and insights for international development and business, high professional and ethical standards, passionate commitment to sustainable development, and personalised support, make us an efficient and reliable liaison and facilitator in sustainable development between markets, technology providers, research institutions, industries, investors, and policy-makers. We have an excellent track record of building and maintaining international collaboration and of carrying ideas and projects through so that these can yield substantive and profitable results.

We look forward to showing you the exciting research, development and commercial opportunities and urgent demands in markets and to working with you to explore these opportunities and meet the demands. Together we will contribute to the world’s environmentally, economically and socially sustainable development.

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